Biographical notes

1948: Born in Hamburg/Germany.

1969: Graduated from Walddörfergymnasium in Hamburg Volksdorf, the first school in Hamburg offering music as a main subject.
Commenced music studies at the „Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst“ in Hamburg with the aim of becoming a secondary school teacher. Adjusted my studies so that I could teach music both privately and at music schools. (“Musikerziehung im freien Beruf und an Musikschulen”)

Piano teachers:
Prof. Robert Henry and Ms. Prof. Kriete-Ahringsmann

1975 Received Bachelor of Music
My initial plan, on completing secondary school, was to study medicine and work as a music-therapist. This led to taking on pre-requisite studies in Psychology at the Hamburg University.

1975 -1985 Piano teacher at the Music State School (Staatliche Jugendmusikschule) in Hamburg.

1983 -1985 Training to become a teacher at Waldorf schools

1985 -1986 Music teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School in Hamburg Farmsen.

1988 Special training at the Anthroposophical Music Training College under Elmar Lampson in Hamburg.

1994 Began writing books about music, composing and publishing my music.

Due to the very successful response to my books in music circles, the internationally renowned music publisher Hans Sikorski expressed interest in my books and took over as publisher.

2003 Immigration to Australia and continuing my teaching profession, writing music books
and composing

2007 Establishing my own publishing firm for music in Australia.