Johann Sebastian Bach

Book 10

A Selection of the Most Beautiful
Original Pieces for Piano

With CD

The selection of pieces in this anthology are all for the piano, or rather 'clavier'. In Bach’s time, 'clavier' referred to any kind of keyboard instrument - the clavichord, harpsichord, spinet or the newly developed Hammerclavier, a precursor of the current piano. Clavier could even refer to the organ, but the pieces presented here were not written for the organ. They were probably played mainly on the harpsichord or the Hammerclavier.
I have tried to select pieces which are not too hard to play. Two exceptions are the Fantasia in C minor and the Fugue No. 1 in C major from 'The Well-Tempered Piano' which I added for those students who want something a little more challenging.
At the back of this book, the reader will find two pages which can be removed and then used in the appropriate pieces, to save awkward page turns. There is also a very small biography relating to the composers and a table explaining a variety of ornaments, based on Bach’s suggestions for his own students.
I hope the CD will help students feel familiar with the pieces being studied.

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Look at the underlined titles (pdf):                            Listen to:

From the 'Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach'
Aria BWV 515                                                       

2 small Preludes from Johann Peter Kellner's collection        
Prelude C major
Prelude C minor
3 small Preludes from the
'Klavierbüchlein for Wilhlem Friedemann Bach':
Prelude C major                                                                     
Prelude D minor                                                          Track 4
Prelude F major                                                                      

2 small Preludes for Beginners on the Piano
Prelude C major                                                           Track 7
Prelude C minor                                                                     

Invention No.  4  D minor                                      
Invention No.  8  F major                                            Track 10
Invention No. 10 G major                                      
Invention No. 13 A minor                      
Invention No. 14 B flat major                                

Prelude   G - major BWV 902a                                    Track 14         

Fughetta G - major BWV 902

French Suite No II C minor                                                                   
      Courante                                                                Track 17

Fantasia C minor                                                                                    
From 'The Well-Tempered Piano', Book I
Prelude        I, C major                                           
Fugue           I, C major                                          
Prelude   XXI, B flat major                                         Track 25
Fugue XXI, B flat major