Nice’n Easy Piano Music

Book 1

Guide for Beginners at the Piano
With CD

This ‘Guide for beginners at the piano’ is intended for all students who have difficulties reading music and who want to make progress quickly.
The main difference, compared to other tutors, is that the thumbs do not share one key (normally middle C). Here the right thumb starts on D. Starting in this way allows for more possibilities in playing songs, and opens up more variety in harmonic styles. In addition to this guide the English Folksongs are highly recommendable.
Children as well as adults will have much fun with this book playing the piano.

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Click at the underlined titles (pdf):                                  Listen to:

First Little Tune
Tunes with 6 Fingers
Count to 4
Tunes with 8 Fingers free download Page 4                    Track 4
Count to 3 Page 4                                                             Track 5
Little Melody Page 4                                                       Track 6
Skipping on the Keys
The Repeat Sign
The Upbeat
The Flat Sign
The Semibreve
The Sharp Sign
Little Dance
More Notes
Do you know this Folksong?
First Pieces with Two Hands free download Page 10   Track 17
First Pieces with Two Hands together 2 Page 10          Track18
First Pieces with Two Hands together 3 Page 10          Track 19
First Pieces with Two Hands together 4
First Pieces with Two Hands together 5
First Pieces with Two Hands together 6
Right Hand plays higher
The Tie
Left Hand plays lower I
Left Hand plays lower II
Right Thumb plays C
On the Countryside
In the Garden
On the Way Page16                                                       Track 30
On the Swing Page 16                                                    Track 31
At the Fun Fair
Evening Song
The Quavers (Eighth Notes)

Loud and soft
Scale Tune in F Major
Question and Answer
Little Piece
The Natural Sign
No Breeze Moves a Branch Page 21                              Track 41
Nun wollen wir singen das Abendlied
Oh Susanna
Dark Winter Evening
Two Interludes 1
Two Interludes 2
Good Mood Page 25                                                      Track 47
Little Waltz
Dance for two Players Primo
Dance for two Players Secondo
Fingers moving over the Keyboard
The Crescent
Sunset Page 31
                                                              Track 56
Little Piece in B-Flat Major
Firm Resolution
Dance of the Elves
Scale Tune in G Major
First Day of the Holidays
A Piece for 4 Hands Secondo
A Piece for 4 Hands Primo
Dance of the Dragon Page 38                                        Track 67
Blues in the Morning
Midnight Blues Page 41                                                 Track 70
Scale-Piece in D Major
A Rhythmic Joke
Little Tale
Scale Piece in E Minor
Scheherazade tells a Story

The Butterfly Page 45                                                    Track 76
Theme and 6 Variations
Variation VI Largo di molto
Game of Patience free download Page 49                     Track 79
Allegretto II
At the Source
La Marche d'Alexandre
Baroque Period J.Seb. Bach Aria
Classical Period W.A.Mozart Minuet
Romantic Period H. Berens Mazurka Page 56               Track 86
Contemporary Farewell Page 57                                    Track 87