Nice’n Easy Piano Music

Book 2

Animals in My Garden
An Anthology of Early Piano Music for Young Children

With CD

In this book the very young pianists can learn to read music. But they will have also fun.
The book is very well illustrated, with pictures that can be coloured in. Nearly all the songs have words, so pupil as well as teacher can sing to the music, or the text can be read as little stories.  The contents may stimulate the imagination of the children and will motivate them in playing their pieces. This book is also excellent for teaching children in a group situation. 

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Look at the underlined pages (pdf):          listen to:

Many Notes free download Page 2           Track 1
Mrs. Snail
Mr. Snail
The Earthworm
Dance of the Snail
The Sun Page 7                                         Track 7
Interlude I
The Garden
Interlude II
Blackbird and Woodpecker
The Bee
The greedy Snail
The Robber free download Page 14 -15   Track 13
The stupid Hedgehog
Invitation to the Dance of the Mossies
The Mossies
Interlude III
The Evening Page 21                                 Track 19
Peal of Bells
Dance of the Fairies
The Dream
Canon of Sun, Moon and Stars
Viva la Musica
Mole – Blues Page 30 -31                        Track 26