Nice’n Easy Piano Music

Book 4

Finger Games

In this book I included the most conventional exercises for piano. Practising one etude each week will provide a good basis after a year or so for a firm technique in playing piano.
It is very difficult for beginners to read two systems, two clefs while checking their own posture. Therefore it is useful playing these etudes first by heart and only with one hand to allow students to concentrate on their posture and position of hand and fingers. This is especially necessary for children.
After perfecting and playing various etudes properly and from memory in C major, I make them transpose the etudes into other keys, generally depending on the keys of other pieces being learnt at the same time.

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All underlined pages free download (pdf):                  Listen to:

Accompany Game with the Left Hand                   
Arpeggios (AMEB Grade 3)   

Basic Chord Game 
Basic Chord Game with Triplets Accompaniment 
Basic Triads - Game with both Hands crossing  
Broken Basic Triads-Game  Page 46                             Track 1

Chords – Game

Dexterity - Game with Seconds 
Dexterity - Game with Thirds   
Difficult Dexterity-Game   Page 55                              Track 2
Difficult Chord - Game  
Difficult Thirds - Game  
Difficult Thirds - Game without the little Finger 
Difficult Broken Chords (AMEB Grade 2)  
Difficult Broken Chords (AMEB Grade 3)  

Finger - Game accompanied by the left Hand 
Finger - Game accompanied by the right Hand 
Five - Finger Game                
Five - Finger Game extended Position  
Five - Finger Game with Quavers          
Four - Finger Game               
Four - Finger Game extended Position  Page 7              Track 3
Four - Finger Game with Quavers         

Game with broken Thirds  
Game with broken Thirds without the little Finger  
Game with broken Triads and Chords 
Game with Cadence in C Major with First and Second Inversion  


Mobility - Game for the Fifth Finger   Page 13             Track 4

Repetition - Game  
Scale - Game on white Keys  
Scale - Game with four Fingers  
Scale - Games in Major, Harmonic and Melodic-Minor
Sustaining each Finger     
Sustaining the Fifth Finger  
Sustaining the Fourth Finger  
Sustaining the Third Finger  
Sustaining the Thumb  
Sustaining the Thumb and the Second Finger Page 9    Track 5
Sustaining the Thumb extended Position 
Sustaining the Thumb with Quavers 

Thirds - Game   Page 27                                               Track 6
Three - Finger Game              
Thumb Passages   Page 33                                            Track 7
Triad - Game with first Inversion 
Triad - Game with all Inversions
Triad - Game with all Inversions (AMEB Grade 1)   
Trill - Game   Page 62                                                   Track 8
Triplets Accompaniment in both Hands Page 21         Track 9
Two Voices in one Hand   Page 16                              Track 10