Nice’n Easy Piano Music

Book 5

16 Piano Pieces for 4 Hands

with CD

This book will give beginners an opportunity to play pieces for four hands at a very early stage.
Usually the secondo of piano pieces for four hands is quite complicated and has to be played by the teacher. Therefore I have composed and arranged these pieces in such a way that they can be played by two beginners. In this collection the secondo also has a “life on its own”, which makes practising more fun.
The last six classical pieces are nearly original with a few minor alterations. Here the secondo is only the accompanying part.
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Look at the underlined pages (pdf):      Listen to:
Canoe Trip in the Mist   4-5                                                                        
Conversation   10-11

Dusk   6-7

Final Dance   18-19                           Track 10

Game in the Garden   2-3
German Dance (Haydn)    22-23
Good Mood   12-13

Landler (Schubert)    26-27

Minuet (Mozart)   30-31                      Track 16

Penguin Parade 16-17                          Track  9

Spring   14-15
Start   2-3
Summer Festivity   8-9                        Track  5

Thème de Russe (Czerny) 20-21          Track 11

Waltz  (Schubert)  24-25

Waltz (Schuman)   28-29                    Track 15