Nice’n Easy Piano Music

Book 6

The Spiritual - and Gospel Book

Everybody knows songs like
 “Oh When the Saints Go Marching In” or “Michael Row the Boat Ashore”.
They originated during the time of the slavery in America and “Nobody knows” exactly where they were sung for the first time. They developed from the traditional blues and now they are known throughout the world.
In this book I included down the themes of the most popular and famous spirituals and gospels.
The accompaniment for the left hand is very simple, so you can learn these songs very quickly without practising too hard.

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Look at the underlined pages (pdf):                    Listen to:

Deep River             
Down by the Riverside page 14                         Track 1

Give me that old Time Religion   
Go down Moses    
Go tell it on the Mountain   

Heaven is a Wonderful place p.19                     Track 2  
He’s got the Whole World in his Hand page 11   Track 3

It’s a me, oh Lord    

Joshua fir the battle of Jerico  

Kum Ba Yah, My Lord  page 4                           Track 4

Michael row the Boat ashore   7

Nobody knows the Trouble I’ve seen  

Oh, rock my Soul 

Roll Jordan, roll     

Sometimes I feel like a motherless Child
Swing low, sweet chariot       

When the Saints page 2                                     Track 5
Where you there?