Nice’n Easy Piano Music

             Book 9

       A Selection of Your First Sonatinas

             Book II

             with CD

This book contains a collection of the most beautiful and in many cases rare little sonatinas, which are quite easy to play.
Sonatina is the diminutive form of sonata, which means a "little sonata". Sonata origianally means a piece "played" (Latin: sonare = to sound) as opposed to Cantata a piece "sung" (cantare = to sing).
The CD, enclosed, should be a great help in assisting students to achieve the required style

To get to know a little bit more about the period when the composers lived, you will find short biographies and a map of the relevant countries, towards the back of this album of their time.

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Contents of the 10 Sonatas

Look at the underlined pages (pdf):                         Listen to:

Beethoven  Sonatina in F major,

Mozart        Sonatine F major p. 7                           Track 5   last movement

Haydn         Sonatina Hob. XVI: 7 C major

Clementi     Sonatina op.36 Nr.6 D major
                   Sonatina op.36 Nr.5 G major

Diabelli         Sonatina op.168 Nr.3 C major p. 24   Track 11 1st  movement

Kuhlau          Sonatina op.55 Nr.2 G major

Scarlatti        Sonata in F K 78 L 75 F major p.46    Track  20  1st  movement                      
                     Sonata in K 259 L 103 G major

Händel          Sonatina  A minor p.50                        Track  23